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Thank you for wanting to support us! There are a few ways you can do this.

Buy a print or card

We are of course eternally grateful if you choose to part with your hard earned pennies / cents to purchase a card or print from our online shop

The obvious benefit to you is that your wall / bookcase / shelf will be adorned with a bright, colourful and premium-quality print that will bring you a little bit of joy every time you see it. 

Alternatively, you can bring that same joy to someone you care about by gifting them a print or card (or both!)

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The other less obvious benefit is that you will feel marvellous for supporting a small business. We're supporters of the Just A Card campaign, which encourages all of us to buy from small businesses and independent shops, even if it's 'just a card'. You can find out more about the campaign here

By the way, searching for posts containing @justacard or #JustACard is a great way to find other small businesses to support.

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Leave us a review

If you're already the proud owner of a Lulibell Studio print or card, you could leave us a review if you haven't already. Leaving a review can help other people to find us and decide on which product is right for them.

To leave us a review, simply visit our online shop, find the product (you'll find a search button in the top right corner if you get stuck) and scroll to the bottom to find the review section. This way you'll be able to let us (and other customers) know what you thought of that particular item. 

​If you want to send us a general testimonial, have a question, if something is not as you expected or you just want to say hello, please get in touch at


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Buy Me A Coffee

If you're not in the market for a print or card at the moment but still want to support Lulibell Studio in some other way financially, you can now do so, as we've joined Buy Me A Coffee. 

If your first thought was 'huh?', allow me to explain. Buy Me A Coffee is a platform for lovely people to send a small one-off financial amount to any artist / maker that they want to support. For just $5 (about £2.75 for UK folk) you can make a little donation and symbolically buy me a coffee (or tea). You can do this here.  

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Social media

If you're not in a place where you can afford to part with any cash at the moment, there are still ways that you can help.

Social media support is free, free, free and while it has its pitfalls in the mental health department, it helps to spread our message and introduce more people to what we do. Some free things you can do to support us on social media are:

  • Follow us on Instagram or Pinterest or like our page on Facebook

  • Share our posts with your friends and family. On Instagram, you can hit the little paper aeroplane on any of our posts to send it to a friend directly or to share it to your Instagram story. Remember to tag us in the story - @lulibellstudio. We'll often share these back to our story too, but just a heads up that if you don't tag us or if you have a private profile, we might not be able to see it. If you do share one of our posts, please don't edit it or crop out our Instagram handle. 

  • If you're already the proud owner of a Lulibell Studio print or card, share photos of your items on your social media profiles. We love to see them in their new homes, and we might share the photo to our profile too. Tag @lulibellstudio and #lulibellstudio.

  • Save our posts for later - hit the little bookmark icon in the bottom right corner on Instagram, or hit the three dots in the top corner of the post on Facebook. 

We always do a happy dance whenever you do something nice to support us, so here's a big thank you in advance for being so lovely. 


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